Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School


Inspiring Learning Beyond the Curriculum!

Enrichment Activities and Educational Visits

At Redbrook Hayes, we firmly believe that children learn best from first hand experiences. These are the experiences that stay with us for a lifetime and bring to life learning for all our children. As such, we have a minimum guarantee for all learners at Redbrook Hayes.

Every child who attends Redbrook Hayes, will have the opportunity to:

  • Take part in off-site learning experiences each year.
  • Experience the arts, sports, social skills, the outdoors and additional curriculum experiences every year through our school Enhancement Days.
  • Take part in a residential visit.
  • Join community events and make a positive contribution to our local area.
  • Perform in front of an audience.

We offer this guarantee in a variety of different ways. We are also currently working on a Experience Passport which will be a collection of experiences that every child will have taken part in if they are with us from Nursery through to Year 6.

Enhancement Days

Launched in 2016, these days are a firm favourite with pupils and staff alike. Each term we use one day to enrich the learning experiences for all, using staff expertise and outside professionals a wealth of opportunities are offered for all, which cover the arts, sports, outdoor adventures, social skills and additional curriculum opportunities. Learners are invited, with their parents, to select a number of workshops to complete throughout the day which really enhance their learning experience. These days also provide a great opportunity for learners to work with peers of different age groups and with different teachers.

Curriculum Visits and Workshops

As part of our curriculum offer, learners are invited to take part in a variety of on-site and off-site visits and experiences, linked to their learning adventures. These experiences bring learning to life for our pupils and enable a deeper understanding of our history, culture and science throughout their whole-school learning journey.

Regular experiences include some of the below but we are always reviewing these to ensure they best fit with the learning and needs of our children :

  • Nursery visit to Birches Valley
  • Reception visit to Ash End Farm
  • Early Years Beach Day; Penguin Day
  • Year 2 visit to the Ancient High House
  • Year 3 Egyptians Workshop
  • Year 4 visit to RAF Cosford
  • Year 5 visit to The Black Country Museum
  • Year 6 Bikeability course
  • Year 6 Wilderness Residential

Residential Visits

 In 2022-23 our Y6 pupils attended a Wilderness Residential in the Peak District, which was packed with fun and adventurous activities, giving them the opportunity to develop their teamwork and resilience. This residential is booked again for 2023-24!

We are currently working to develop our residential visits offer to pupils from Y2 upwards and will notify parents as soon as arrangements have been made.