Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School

Junior Lead Learning Team

Our Junior Lead Learning Team (JLLT) are amazing – we are incredibly proud of them! These outstanding individuals represent the opinions of learners as we shape the future of the school. As a democratically elected group they take their roles in school very seriously, modelling all of our LEARNER values and listening to their constitutes and are crucial to achieving our vision of achieving ‘Limitless Possibilities on our Inspiring Learning Adventure’. They regularly meet with our senior leadership team to help inform many of the important decisions about our school organisation: this includes our curriculum, behaviour strategy, lunchtime learning and recruitment of staff.

September 2022

The applications came in and the candidates had to read out their manifestos out in front of the whole school in a special election assembly. They had to explain what they want to change at Redbrook Hayes and why their fellow pupils should vote for them All of the candidates did a superb job.

Each child in school got to vote for 2 people who they would like to represent them on the JLLT. 

After the votes had been counted, we are delighted to announce that this year’s amazing team!

Olivia, Amelia, Louie, Charlie, Mia, Hollie, Sasha, Lilly-Ann and Macey