Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School


Ofsted visited Redbrook Hayes in January 2016, concluding that we are a ‘good’ school. We are proud of our journey but are always looking for ways to further improve the learning experience for all in our community.

The full 2016 report can be accessed here, along with previous inspection reports.

Some highlights of the latest 2016 report include:

  • The headteacher is a strong leader who has focused successfully on raising the quality of teaching and learning.
  • The numbers of pupils leaving Year 6 who are making expected progress in reading, writing and mathematics are higher than the national average
  • Parents are extremely positive about the school.
  • Governors have worked closely with the headteacher to improve teaching and learning, which is having a positive impact on standards across the school.
  • Teachers manage the behaviour of the pupils well and pupils are focused on their learning during lessons.
  • Pupils are keen to answer questions and read out their work confidently. Pupils’ work is neat and well-presented and they take pride in the quality of their books.
  • Leaders, staff and governors make a strong contribution to pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, which provides pupils with a real sense of emotional security.
  • The behaviour of pupils is good. Pupils are extremely focused in lessons and treat each other with respect.
  • Throughout the school, standards in reading are particularly high.
  • Provision for children in the early years is good. They are provided with a range of English and mathematics activities that meet their individual needs and their progress is tracked carefully by the teacher using effective assessment systems.
  • The learning environment provides a range of experiences, which the children are keen to explore.

School Improvement Plans

As a school, we are always learning and as such our journey to limitless possibilities for all in our learning community is never complete. To find out what we have been developing and what we are currently working on, please visit our school development page, accessed here.

DfE Performance Comparison

For our school’s DfE table with our latest results, please see our results page, accessed here.

Ofsted Parent View

To see what our parents think of our school, click here to access Ofsted’s Parent View.