Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School

School Improvement Plans

The purpose of a school improvement plan is to continually enhance the quality of teaching and learning in the school so that greater numbers of learners achieve the expected standards and above in all areas of the curriculum.

At Redbrook Hayes, this document also serves to enhance the school community and every child's learning adventure at all points in the school day; it, therefore, encapsulates the full range of developments that occur throughout the year on our quest to achieve limitless possibilities on our inspiring learning adventure for all.

For details of our most recent school development priorities, please see the School Improvement Plan below. If you have any questions, or you are interested in more information about these upcoming improvements, please contact the school to make an appointment with Mrs Turner (Headteacher).

School Improvement Plan 2023-24

This overview document is supported by Subject Improvement Plans, which detail actions for the improvement of every curriculum subject area.