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Sports Premium

We are a school which loves sport! From our range of extracurricular activities to our commitment to developing high quality PE lessons for every learner, we understand the value of physical activity not only on our learner’s fitness but also on their mental health, well-being and academic achievement.

Primary school PE and sport funding 2020-21

What is it?
The government is currently providing additional funding to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding can only be spent on improving their provision of PE and sport in school, but each school has the freedom to choose the best ways to do this for their learners. This funding is guaranteed until 2020.

How much school sports funding does Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School receive?-

In the financial year 2020-21 Redbrook Hayes received £17600.

How does Redbrook Hayes spend this funding on improving PE and sport across the school?

In brief, the main areas of spending for the sports premium funding are:

  • Funding the school mini-bus which allows learners to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities and sporting competitions in the local area and beyond. Last year the mini-bus was used to transport learners from across the school to 14 off-site competitions, this year we hope to compete in even more.
  • Employing a sports advocate in school to develop the schools extra-curricular sports programme, both at lunchtimes and out of school hours, enrich quality first inclusive teaching and to further enhance the knowledge, skills and understanding of our teaching team..
  • Achieving the School Games Award at the end of the academic year.
  • Increasing the options for learners to keep active at lunchtimes.

For more information on the planned expenditure and for 2020-21, please see our Spending Plan and the Assessment against the 5 key indicators

What impact does the sports premium funding have at Redbrook Hayes?

The impact on pupils of the additional PE and Sport funding is measured at the end of each academic year, the impact reviewed for the 2018 - 19 (Covid-19 making data unavailable for 2019-20) funding showed that as a result of the funding:

Strengths of the current provision:

  • 93% of learners enjoy physical activity
  • 100% of learners do some physical activity out of school
  • Parents rate the importance of healthy lifestyles highly (4.4 out of 5)
  • 73% of families do more than two hours of exercise together per week
  • Parents feel the school values healthy lifestyles (97% rated this as a 4 or 5 out of 5)
  • PE teaching remains strong, with skilled teachers working effectively
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced

Current levels of physical literacy:

  • Overall, 72.1% of KS2 learners achieved the minimum standards in running, 86.2% in jumping activities and 48.8% in throwing and catching skills.
  • On the whole children performed well in sprinting and slalom, where short bursts of energy are used, possibly due to playground games such as tag which are often played by learners.
  • However, learners performed significantly worse on middle or longer distances (77.1% and 44.1% respectively) which suggests that stamina is a focus area.
  • KS2 learners performed progressively better as they moved towards Year 6.

Current levels of engagement in moderate to vigorous physical activity for at least 60 minutes per day:

  • 63% of our learners are active for 30 minutes or more per day in school, outside of lunchtime activities
  • 67% of our learners are active for 30 minutes or more per day outside of school; 47% do more than an hour at least 4 times per week
  • 93% said they enjoyed physical activity
    But more than 30% of our learners in KS2 were categorised as overweight according to the NHS

Current levels of engagement in Sporting Competition:

  • 100% of KS2 learners have experienced Level 1 (in school) competition, but in only a third of the curriculum activities
  • Only 1 out of school competition was available in 2016-17 for KS1, and 30% participated
  • A limited range of competitions were available to KS2, though 53% participated.

Barriers to accessing sport and exercise out of school, as identified by learners, parents and staff:

  • Learners identified barriers as: the range of clubs on offer in school and locally, opportunities to apply skills in competition, PE sessions can be cold and tiring.
  • Parents identified barriers as: time pressure (22.6%) and cost (6.4%), the range of clubs on offer in school (43%) and the opportunity to participate in family sporting activities (7%).

Staff identified barriers as: time to offer after-school provision and lack of confidence in some elements of the curriculum, notably dance.

Community Sports and Events

Rugeley 10

Since February 2017 we have been working with our sporting partners at 'Rugeley Runners' to host the Rugeley 10. The Rugeley 10 is a 10 mile road race featuring a challenging and undulating course which starts and finishes at Redbrook Hayes School. This is a real community event and we are proud to support the promotion of sporting activities within our local community. Please click below for more information

Press Report

Rugeley 10 Gallery

Further information about our community events can be found on the community page of our school website.

Local Offer

As part of our provision for sport in school, we are delighted to signpost learners to local clubs and activities which extend beyond the school gates. For more information on our local offer, please click here.