Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School

Termly Learning Conferences

What is a Termly Learning Conference?

A Termly Learning Conference (TLC) is a learning conversation between teachers, parents and learners. This is an important opportunity for you, your child and their teacher to review a term’s learning and celebrate the achievements made. It is also an opportunity to think about next term’s learning and set some goals with your child. It represents an opportunity to support your child’s learning by being directly involved in the target setting and actions process. Please see the video below, for more detail on how the TLCs will be structured and everyone’s role within this.

What is a Termly Learning Agreement?

The Termly Learning Agreement (TLA)is the document created at the TLC. It is prepared in advance with the class teacher and the learner, but completed after the discussion with the goals and actions for the following term. This document helps to structure the conversation, first reviewing previous learning goals before celebrating success and identifying difficulties faced in learning over the past term. The final section of the TLA is completed at the conference as it sets next term’s goals and actions together so that all work together to support the learner in meeting their targets.

How can I support my child and the Termly Learning Conference?

Learners have been working hard to develop their reflection skills in school in preparation for the Termly Learning Conferences, your child would value talking to you about all aspects of their school life. To aid this conversation learning logs and books will be sent home in advance of the meeting so that you can share in this process. Below is a helpful list of prompt questions which may help you in scaffolding this discussion prior to the TLC.

Useful Questions for Reviewing Learning with your Child

  • What have you enjoyed this term?
  • What do you think you have done well at? Why is this?
  • Where do you think you have made the most progress?
  • What would you like more help with?
  • What have you found a little bit tricky?
  • What have you found more challenging?
  • What has helped you with your learning? Why?
  • What have you gained more confidence in this term? Why is this?
  • Think about a time you really enjoyed your learning and felt you mastered a new skill. What strategies did you use to help you?
  • How have others helped you learn this year?
  • What would you like to achieve in the next term?
  • How will you do this?
  • How can we as parents support you at home?

We hope that you are looking forward to this exciting new way of sharing your child’s learning. It is a brilliant opportunity for you and your child to have an informal, yet purposeful, conversation about their life in school with the support of their class teacher. More information will be sent home in advance of each TLC.