Redbrook Hayes Community Primary School

Vision and Values

Our guiding vision for Redbrook Hayes is: 'Limitless Possibilities on our Inspiring Learning Adventure!' This means every member of our community strives for success, aspires to greatness and believes that they can achieve this. We pledge to support all our learners in this, including through the promotion of our values, encapsulated in the mnemonic 'LEARNER':

LEARNER Standards

To help us all in demonstrating these important values, we created a minimum standards matrix for each LEARNER value for all members of our school community. These are the behaviours we expect from all members at all times, and we reflect these in our assemblies, lessons, meetings and interactions. Also included in each matrix is a gold standard, which is what we all strive to attain as we become role models in these values.

Exceptional LEARNER behaviours are rewarded through our weekly celebration assemblies and in our regular LEARNER assemblies.

Below are the LEARNER matrices for all four of the main stakeholders; pupils, staff, parents and governors, which have been created using the views gathered from all of these groups. These documents outline our expectations for every member of the Redbrook Hayes community.

LEARNER for Pupils

LEARNER for Staff

LEARNER for Parents

LEARNER for Governors

LEARNER Assemblies

We celebrate the achievements of our LEARNER's in dedicated LEARNER assemblies where parents of celebrated learners are invited into school to share in their child's success. During the celebration, one of our classes present their class learning on our school values. As this has developed over the years, we have been able to move these values into the community and use these to support local charities and others in need. Some of our favourite class projects have supported St. Giles' Hospice; Dementia Friends, the local Care Home and sheltered living amongst many others.